04 June 2010

Soccer and German pride gone missing

For those of you who don't know it yet, the World Cup is about to begin. And why do I know that? Well, I am not a soccer fan. But I become one when it is time for the World or the Europe Cup. Then I start to cheer for.... well Germany of course! And I do get very upset if we fail... like the last... eh, let me think about that! Can't actually remember? Well, I do remember 1990! But who doesn't??? Put all this to the side....

My hubby reads the Wall Street Journal, yes, like on a daily basis. So I should be well informed!? Not really, but at least twice or three times the week, I get a link to an article HE thinks I could be interested in. Well, most of the time, I am. Like today when I got an article about the German Eleven not knowing the national anthem.... What's that? Just kidding. But that got me thinking...

Apparently, there is a debate going if, or if not, the national soccer team representing Germany should be able to sign the anthem. What do you think???

I think, and this is just my minor opinion, that they should! I do understand that in times of globalization, not all the players are German anymore. But I actually think they should be! I mean, this is country playing (!) against country, there is some pride involved. SO I (!) think they should be German AND be able to sign our national anthem! But, as I said, this is just what I think.....

I would have eventually written about this some time sooner or later, and that is the comparison of pride of different nations. I lived in France, Germany and America, and the US is by far the leading figure here! Oh yes! Kids get drilled in schools for that. And France is not far behind. So why not in my beautiful homeland???
There is history involved!!! And I am sure that you all can guess what I am talking about! Yep, it is sad to say but since the two world wars, Germans are not really patriotic anymore, more like dispassionate about being German! I am sure that they had to learn it. It must not have been easy. But believe me when I am saying, even in my generation, I was hit with that hatred and it shocked me, because neither I not my parents fought in the war, it was my grandparents! But I was shunned for being German, yes, in France. But nonetheless, as German, you are careful about being too pride. Or at least that's how it used to be not long ago. I also lived for a short period of time through the feeling of not being proud of my country - that must have coincidented with the history lessons we were given at that time!?! There are no patriotic gestures, or at least there were close to none when I left the country! Since then it seems like people are becoming more comfortable with exhibiting national pride, like during sport events, and become a little more nationalistic. The article mentioned that it started with the World Cup in 2006. Who knows. But now, you can go and see some flags up, mostly in regions with large tourism or near borders. But that is a start! And I am glad for it.

And even me, I have become a little more patriotic, living in a different country, and especially at times of the soccer World Cup. So let the games begin! And Germany win for once.....

By the way, here is our lovely anthem called "The Song of the Germans":

The Song of the Germans

Unity and law and freedom

For the German Fatherland

Let us all strive for that

In brotherhood with heart and hand!

Unity and law and freedom

Are the foundation for happiness

Bloom in the glow of happiness

Bloom, German Fatherland