11 June 2010

Learning can be fun.

Ciqui loves to play board game, and I let him. He doesn't always follow the rules but that is okay. He can play 'Guess Who' all on his own! He totally gets it. He does have trouble with 'Clue', both the kids and the adult version. (And of course, we don't tell him that the adult one is about a murder!) A while ago, he had discovered Daddy's very old game of 'Risk' and loves playing it. Of course not with the real rules. All he really does is matching the card names to the board names. Here is a picture of today's quiet time with (!) him: he had built a 'house' for us and wanted to spend quiet time with me. We played 'Risk'.

Here is a picture of the matching. He either matches the first letters or the shapes on the card with the one on the board. And I discovered today that he actually knows where some cards go. Like America. I was impressed. Also it replaces long hours of learning Geography the hard way. I happen to love geography and my whole family does as well. We are really good at it, too. So I want him to know how the world looks like, where each country is, or at least on which continent to find it. He has an incredible memory and remembers things I taught him last time or the time before. I am very proud of him. And of myself that I have become creative enough to make learning fun for him, and for me.