30 October 2011

Field Trip with the HS group

A bit more than a week ago, we went on a Field Trip with one of our homeschooling groups. I was hesitant at first, but the kids really had a blast. The entire farm was decorated for fall and the harvest and it was fun to finally get into the spirit of autumn. (it's so hard when it still hits the 90s in the afternoon)

So we met everybody at the farm there, or actually what we thought was our group. I only met a few of the moms one other time, and usually I am pretty good with faces, but we went with the group we had found. At first. Because as it turns out, for half the time, we went around the farm with the wrong group. But one that had a tour guide and seemed quite organized. So it was good.

So here are a few pictures: 

There was this author who had written a children's book, so she read it to the children. This was not the only story time they had - we heard many pumpkin stories that day!
For me, the hay ride was the highlight of the day. It was fun to be rocked through the farmland, feeling the breeze in my face and laugh with the kids. There was a 'scary path' included in the ride, but I just told them that it was silly stuff, like seeing a ghost in a toilet. I didn't want Peanut to be too freaked out about it.

We walked through a corn maze and then the kids played ball, waiting for another hay ride to pick us up at this picnic area.
It was a fun filled day!


C. Beth said...

I've never done a corn maze and have always wanted to!

SurvivorBlessing said...

Well, two years ago, Coqui freaked out in a corn maze, so we couldn't do one last year. This year, he was okay, but it was not his favorite thing on the farm.
You should try it, I can see the kids like it!