18 October 2011

I was a winner

A while ago, I had won something - see the post here.
I had guessed the right (or close enough) number of stitches that my friend Beth had used to make her mother's purse (just like the one I have now). Well, and to be honest, I didn't just guess, I also counted, on the screen. So I knew that I would be pretty close to the actual number, but you never know, they could have been one more accurate than me. I was lucky....

Beth gave me a choice of what I wanted and I said that I could use a little bag for my phone. At the time, I still had my old phone, so I told her to make it a bit bigger - anticipation for my new phone that I ended up getting much earlier than expected! Yeah. I chose the yarn and she made it.With lots of love.

Here is the beauty:

I love the way it came out. The bag is really thick and sturdy, so absolutely perfect to protect my new toy...
Thank you, Beth, for making it. 
I feel blessed.


C. Beth said...

So glad you like it! It was a fun little project to make. :)