07 October 2011

Happy belated Birthday

... to me!

On Wednesday, I met Beth for coffee and she brought me my birthday present. I knew about it and I had chosen the fabric and color of yarn. Oh, yeah, it's a pocketbook, or handbag (how they call it down here in the south!).

It's beautiful, it's handmade, and it's mine!

Here is the link to her site: C. Beth Blog.

She has done her very own bag, and then a bag for her mom.

As I said I chose the fabric - it was love at first sight! Together, we went out to find a yarn that would match the fabric, but also that would be durable enough for a bag that is going to be lugged around quite a bit.

She did a fabulous job sewing and crocheting. I love the way it came out.

I immediately moved everything from the old handbag to this new one.... and used it today while going out. I am very happy.

I am so blessed to have a best friend like her! Thank you.


C. Beth said...

What a sweet post...thank you! I'm glad you love it. I think it turned out the best of the 3 I have made. The others were just practice for yours. ;-)

Modern Day Disciple said...

You guys just make me smile! I spent today with one of my very dear friends- we went to a wonderful Italian cafe and had dessert for breakfast with bottomless coffee and conversation that was so sweet! I suggest you both try it ! It was a fabulous day! That purse is beautiful! You are blessed to have each other! ~Dawn