15 October 2011

My kids love to sing in the car

We always have some kind of music playing in the car.... I mean who doesn't?

When the kids, or actual the first kid only, were young, I started with nursery songs and when they got older with children's song. Christian and non-Christian, English and German (and other languages).
But at some point, I just couldn't hear it anymore. I KNOW that every mom knows what I am talking about.... so I decided (and the kids took it well) that we are also listening to the radio or non-kids CDs in the car.

And now, I love when I hear my kids sing along with the praise and worship songs in the car. They must have heard them often enough. And Coqui has a few favorite ones that he actually asks for. Peanut loves to sing the songs from this summer's VBS "By faith I pray, in the name of Jesus" - she says it so clearly and it warms my heart to hear these words out of my two-year old's mouth.

So when I was driving in the car on Thursday, my new favorite song came on. It's "Purified" from Michael W. Smith. I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago, and instantly fell in love with it. Here is a link to it on youtube. If you've never heard - it's worth it.
So it was playing and all of a sudden I hear Coqui sing the words "I am purified by you".... and I started crying. It just totally overwhelmed me to hear those words out of his mouth. It is so true and yet, I don't always think about it.....
I am blessed with children that love the Lord and shout their praises out loud in singing (even if they are not always aware of their worshiping and only do it because they are copying us).


C. Beth said...

That is so awesome! I love to hear Chickie singing "I'm saved by grace through faith, oh yeah!" from one of our CDs. I agree, they don't understand, but they are learning to be free in worship, and as they DO understand more about God they can bring their freedom with them!