20 October 2011

Too many bags?

I am sure you remember when I blogged about my new purse that my best friend made for me?

Well, just before that, I had ordered a bag that I have been wanting for a very long time - probably a year or so. It's handmade - and that is pretty special. It's made by a friend - and I want to support her business. And it's made from recycled fabrics - being green is something that I am pretty passionate about.

So when my husband wanted a new 'toy' - I told him he was only allowed to get it if I could have the bag, finally. He agreed. (Should I mention that the bag was on sale at the time?)

Picture property of Jola V. Designs
Here is a picture of the lovely bag....

And here is the artist's webpage: Jola V. Designs.

She is also advertising on Facebook here.

And you can see her bags on etsy as well here

I know her personally, yes - we used to be very good friends and have shared a couple of good times together. We lost track for a few years, but now we found each other again - the internet made it possible.

She is passionate about what she does and dreamed about it pretty much her whole life. She is the one person that I know has found her calling. She is a true artist. (She used to be my fashion coach - and probably still would be if we lived closer.)
I love to see all her creations, so it was kind of hard to choose from all of the wonderful things she has made so far. And each season, I am looking forward to more.

 I am a happy customer 
and feel blessed that I can surround myself with homemade things.


C. Beth said...

It is beautiful, Ann!! I'm glad to see it after hearing about it! Really lovely design.

Anonymous said...

Thank you posting this - and, needless to say, I am glad you like it. -- but I am also taken by your approach to owning things: not too many of them; for no good reason -- only the ones that matter.