28 October 2011

My son is awesome

It always just blows me away how a child sees God...

The other day, during school hours in our house, I explained the time and the clock to my son. You know that it has only numbers one through twelve, but that there are 24 hours in a day. Then I had to explain what 24/7 means. So I asked Coqui if he can think of anything that is open and working 24 hours a day. And I certainly expected a five year old boy to think of fire fighters and chasing police cars. But no.

His first answer was: God.

Oh, my son, you are so wise!

Then tonight, we went out to eat to a local Asian restaurant. His aunt is visiting and she was going through the entire sheet of the kids menu that has coloring on it, jokes, and funny questions. Questions like "what goes up and never goes down"? Yes, it is your age, dear friends! Or what would you do with a hundred dollars? And so on.

The last question was: "If you could be the president for one day, what would you do?"

And once again, my son just strikes every other answer out. Because he said: "I would tell everybody about God."Really? Because I think we need a president like that. I'll vote for you, my Coqui!

I am so proud of him.


C. Beth said...

He has such a sweet, faithful heart!