27 October 2010

God's miracles

I had written about a friend of mine that is pregnant in this post Being Blessed: This is good news a while ago. We were waiting for this baby for a long time. And it has finally arrived last night. Here is how awesome God is and that he still creates miracles.

She had been in labor since Monday. I saw her off to the hospital that night when her contractions were pretty close together but not very long. Like me, she had a C-section before and was trying for a vaginal birth this time. So I have been praying for her for this to happen. I didn't sleep good that night waiting for a phone call that never came. So I called her in the morning but apparently the baby was not there yet, she was only four centimeters dilated and doing great but was tired. All day I was waiting for more calls and every time the phone did ring I thought this is it, the baby has come. But no. Around three o'clock in the afternoon she called me all excited that she was nine centimeters now and pushing would follow soon. Good. So I asked her if she wanted me to come. She said maybe after the kids were asleep, I could stop by. At eight o'clock when my kids were in bed, I called, still no baby and almost ten centimeters. So I went to the hospital and was let into her room. She was now ten centimeters and they were prepping her for pushing. It is quite exciting.

Once pushing started, I was able to help her, coach her and comfort her along with her husband and her sister. She was pushing for two hours and the baby was not moving much. So the doctor came and gave them two options, one was to use the vacuum and the other to go for a C-section. And here is where God stepped in all the way! When they made the decision to go for the operation, her mom finally arrived. Of course, she wanted an update on the happenings and with her questioning, her and the doctor could convince them to at least try the vacuum. Hallelujah. I mean she came this far to try for a vaginal birth. This is what she wanted. And I am so glad that she had a doctor (in America) that actually opted for the vaginal birth versus the C-section. To me, it seems most doctors would prefer the operation - which is so weird to me! So I am happy to see that this one was all for natural birth.

Now once that decision was made, things got really moving in that room. It started to get really crowded, too. Not only was it the mom and the dad, their first child, the sister, the mother and me, then the nurse, the doctor, and at least three other nurses on top of that. Yeah, the room was FULL. So I started to pray, I mean praying business! That this baby would come out the natural way, with the doctor's help. And wouldn't you know it: it took only three contractions and baby was born!!! Yeah. It is the most beautiful thing that I could think off! So precious. God is so good. Ten little fingers, ten little toes, a beautiful face for a beautiful girl. Oh, did I mention that we didn't know the sex of the baby? Yeah, it was a surprise.

For me, it was marvelous to be able to see that, as I was not able to see any of my children to be born. Our God is still performing miracles each and every day. And this was one of it. I was crying, so happy that all went fine, she got what she wanted, mommy and baby were safe, in the hands of a wonderful doctor. And God's timing was all over this as well. God is good!


C. Beth said...

Every birth is such an amazing, beautiful miracle. It almost makes me want to be a doula or something just so I can watch that happen over and over. I'm so happy for her. :)