18 October 2010

Back home and back to homeschooling

We were gone from home for about three weeks, and while I was very consistent with keeping up with the school work for the first half of this time, I was NOT at the end. That is partly because we were first at Mema's house and it is easy to do it over there - the third week was spent in Puerto Rico and who wants to do school in paradise???

So this morning, I told Coqui that there is no reason to slack off this week, just because we might be tired. Back to routine! That means school work first, before much play or any (!) TV time. It went over so well, he is sooooo wanting to learn and ready for it. We did a little more than I would usually have him do - that is about 4 pages or a mmaximum of half an hour. Today, we did at least 45 minutes of work. That is coloring, some letters and some German. I had to take this picture of his coloring! I am so proud of how well he stays in the lines. It's awesome to see.

Also, I want to share how often I have been cheered on by others to home school, lately. The major encouragement actually came straight from God during an intense prayer that someone had done for me! How awesome. And then I have met two people that are homeschooling themselves, and of course, they are all for it, and try to reassure me. Thank you!


C. Beth said...

The God thing was amazing.

And you are right; he is doing GREAT with staying in the lines! I am impressed!

You're doing awesome, Mami. :)