25 October 2010

Halloween or why NOT

It is very interesting to see what a three-year old sees and how much more a four-year old is observing. Last Halloween came and passed, and Coqui didn't notice much. This year, it can not be ignored. Wow.
As a Christian family, we have decided not to celebrate Halloween at all. My husband comes from an entire church that does not join the fun, so it was just a decision to be made for our own little family (as we are no longer with that church). As a non-American, I have no problems cutting it out - I never celebrated it in the first place. But then again, I am more of a black-and-white person, so my decisions seem to be more radical anyway! To agree not to it was not a hard one. We don't feel like we have to join the fun just because they (!) make you feel like you have to. My kids will NOT miss out on anything. I know that.

So when the first decorations started to show up this year and Coqui actually knew what they were, we had a little talk. I told him that we are not celebrating Halloween, because we only believe in one ghost and that is the Holy Ghost! There is no other, so there wouldn't be a reason to join the fuss about it. At the old church, they have a Fall Festival for the kids, so the families that don't have their kids go trick or treating actually have a safe place for them to be! I love it and it is so much fun for the kids. My mother-in-law usually does it, and she is good.

So today we went to Walmart to get a few things we needed without doing the big grocery shopping just yet. The lady at the cash register asked my little man if he is excited about Halloween. And I am so proud of him, because without any hesitation he declared that we don't celebrate Halloween. Yeah! I am very happy. But to my surprise, the lady that that she agrees and doesn't believe in those 'funny creatures' either. Nice.

Added note from today: so after yesterday's episode in Walmart, today we go through the list of his friends. Most of his friends are from our local church in town, some still celebrate it, some don't. But the good thing is that he doesn't seem to mind that some kids get to go around and collect lots of sugar where he will miss out on that. Or maybe it is because he gets enough sugar every day anyway.....


C. Beth said...

I grew up celebrating it for a few years, then not celebrating it. Now we do. So I understand both sides of it, and I think it's definitely one of those matters of personal conviction. It sounds like Coqui is very confident with where you guys stand, and that's wonderful!