26 October 2010

The outdoors

I want to show off Coqui's bike. It came from Germany and he got it for last year's Christmas, from my parents. When I first saw it, I knew I wanted one for Coqui. At that time, it was right before we had to go back home, meaning flying back to America, so we didn't have enough time to order it at Amazon.de and have it shipped to my parent's house before we left. So they brought it over for Christmas. And wouldn't you know it, he LOVES the bike.
Oh, by the way, we call it a 'Laufrad' (walk bike)because it has no pedals. It is great for kids that just can't figure out how to use them, yet. Coqui is one of them. He didn't at the age of three, he can't at the age of four. I am not forcing the issue as I don't find it too important - he is able to do so many other things! So we use this bike pretty much every (!) day. Going to the mailbox, or going over to the neighbor's house. It is always with us. Using it now for about nine months, he got so good at it, too. And fast.
So yesterday, we went on a very long walk; long for him at least. I mapped it out afterwards and it was 2.6 miles all together. That is pretty long. Here is a goofy picture of him, hiding from the sun. We were pretty sweaty after that. But I am so proud of him that he was able to go that far and make it back home all the way.
Peanut? Oh yeah, she was in the stroller of course. I am not sure if she is ready for the Laufrad yet.... (*grin*)


C. Beth said...

Totally impressed he could go that far! Wow!