28 April 2010

What do women want?

Now here is a question for the female readers:
What do you like to get for your birthdays???

I am not talking about this specific one that is coming up, or just passed. I am talking randomly, what do woman like to get???

Because here is a thing that keeps bothering me! I am a customer at Amazon, so at least once a week I get an email with either suggestions or stuff-I-might-like. As Mother's Day is approaching, I got an email today suggesting some gifts I could put in my (very large) Wish list. I was curious what they would offer.... and I was shocked when all that they were proposing me to get where kitchen items! WHAT??? I mean how 'racist' is that? Maybe I am the only one on this planet who feels like this. But when it is MY birthday - the only holiday that I do NOT have to share with the entire earthly population - then I want something that I WANT!!! That is the same for Mother's Day or Christmas or Easter!!! I want something I like, something that I have fun with! Not something that I could use (or not) in the kitchen to do duty! You see, I think that kitchen work is something that I must do as a wife and mother. I do not enjoy it. I rather have a nice book to read, and the time to read it. I would rather have a new camera that I can take pictures of my children with. Preferably I'd have a massage that I so badly need.
Don't get me wrong, I DO appreciate any gift that I receive - and so far nobody has brought me kitchen stuff for any holiday! (They must know!?) I am thankful for anything that I get.
And the same way around, me personally, I would never think of giving somebody kitchen things as a gift! Ever. Gifts are more like the things that we would put on hold when money is not available in an abundance. Gifts are things that we would only buy for ourselves on a special occasion.

I asked a friend before publishing this, asking what she thinks of kitchen items as gifts. And she said: "When it is common use then it is not a gift." Okay, so what is a gift to her? She said flowers or chocolate. See!!!
Kitchen stuff are necessities, we buy them no matter what, as all human beings have to eat something to sustain.

Have a blessed Mother's Day with lots of fun gifts!


C. Beth said...

I got so behind on your blog!

Well, it probably doesn't surprise you that kitchen stuff is great for me. :-D But so are books, chocolates, etc. Just no cleaning stuff--I do NOT want a new vacuum cleaner as a gift!! :)

SurvivorBlessing said...

yes, you have neglected my blog....

but you are forgiven! you have to potty train someone special! So you are pretty busy...

And I will remember never to give you a vacuum cleaner!!! I did give you a book! And I am also a big fan for chocolate! Mmmmh.....