05 April 2010

Update on the Sleeping situation

Hey, I hope you all had a Happy Easter. We did. We had an awesome Easter egg hunt at church and the service was great. We spent the day with the grandparents and it was relaxing and such great quality time for all of us, the kids, us parents and the grandparents. We were very blessed.

I also wanted to share with you that Peanut had no more screaming sessions for over a week now - so I hope that we are past this not so pretty phase! What a relieve! Mostly she is back to sleeping through the night - last night she woke a couple of times, but I was able to put her back to sleep pretty quickly. I am not so stressed anymore, and am back to just enjoying her as a much happier baby! Thanks for the prayers for those that prayed with us. It's greatly appreciated.


C. Beth said...

Whew, I am so glad!