01 April 2010

How the Grandparents got their names

As of yesterday, we are having visitors. The Hubby's parents are here, aka Mema and Buelo. It will be a fun week, especially for Coqui. He loves his Mema, and for the next week, Mami will be air for him! As for Peanut, she will hopefully have some bonding time, too. She has become so clingy.... so I hope with more people around she will loosen up a little.

So how did grandmother become Mema and Grandfather Buelo. Well, for the first 18 months of Coqui's life, she was just Grandma. Coqui being the first grandchild, on both sides of the grandparents, Mema wanted to wait until Coqui can speak, in order for him to determine what to call her. For the rest of her life as a grandmother. A great idea! So once Coqui was able to make sounds and little words, we offered Grandma. But he just wouldn't go with it, and came up with the name Mema. She loved it right away! It is very unique. So it stuck.
With Buelo, it is almost the same. We asked him what he wants to be called, and being Hispanic, he wanted to be an Abuelo. But Coqui couldn't say the 'a' and it got stuck with Buelo. Now it will be Buelo for the rest of his life as a grandfather.

My parents are just simply Oma and Opa. Which is German for grandma and grandpa. So we have for somewhat unique names and the grandparents can't be mixed up.
Now I go back to having fun, or actually more like just watching my kids have fun!


C. Beth said...

I love those names! And yes, I do like having different names for the different grandparents. It really helps.