04 May 2010

Daily struggle with dinner

A little while ago, a friend of mine has blogged about leftovers. Here is the link:

Dinner is a daily struggle that I fight! It is exhausting and very stressful for me. All day I am fine, I can eat what I like and feed the kids what I think is healthy for them, at least most of the time.
But by around four or five o'clock, I am reminded of the fact that I need to provide dinner for my husband, my kids, and actually me, too.

Growing up in a German household, things might be a little different. Usually, Germans eat their biggest meal at lunch and the smallest at dinner. So naturally, I eat a pretty good lunch, and I think the kids as well. I mean, I don't just eat a little salad like I have seen so many other women do it. I eat something that I cooked for myself - Vegan mostly. The kids eat either the same thing or I make something different for them. But at dinner, I am just perfectly fine with just bread and butter and hummus or something, or that salad we talked about before! Coqui loves bread, so he doesn't mind when once in a while, we just have bread for dinner - as he eat real lunches anyway.

But of course, my lovely husband is not okay with just bread and butter for dinner. He usually buys stuff for lunch that hold him over until he gets home. But by then, he is usually pretty starved. So I should have dinner ready for him.... but unfortunately, not always! Yep, I am a 'bad' wife, in that department at least. There are two complications to the story. He doesn't like leftovers, and he has Crohn's Disease, so he can't eat everything that I like, actually none of what I like. He needs lots of carbs and protein!!! So here we go: what can I make??? I can't taste anything that I make for him because it is not Vegan. So I kind of cook with LOTS of luck....

Hope your dinner tables are not as boring as ours lately. I have such a hard time with it. But I can not complain, lately he has told me what he wants, and we try to pick things up together, planning for the week ahead! It helps. Thanks, Hubby, for being so patient with me!!! I love you!


C. Beth said...

It sounds like you guys are finding a way to make it work, together. That is great. :)