22 April 2010

My funny kid

I mentioned before that we have a bible study going on on Wednesday mornings. With child care! Woo hoo. So I can drop off my Coqui who can play in the back with a couple of his friends, while I am in the front trying to learn something while entertaining (or more trying to keep quiet) my little Peanut.

So yesterday I learned what is REALLY going on in the back!

The lovely lady that is taking care of my big boy told me what happened, I think, about two weeks ago. She said the kids were all sitting at the table having a snack. A girl next to Coqui said: "Coqui, I have a question to ask you."
Coqui ignores her.
"Coqui, I have a question."
He still keeps munching his snack, ignoring her.
And not being patient as a four-year-old girl: "Coqui, will you marry me?"
Coqui is still ignoring her.
"Coqui, will you marry me?"
Apparently, he doesn't even turn and said: "No."
And then pausing his snacking: "I am just a kid!"

I was laughing so much that my tummy hurt! That is just so my boy. And I am just amazed at the conversation these kids have..... I mean I KNOW that Coqui is not fully aware of what marrying means. Really. But to know that it is not for him. Wow. And how did this girl come up with that question? I wonder. But then again, I probably shouldn't, kids say things sometimes, but without any deep reason. We, as adults, just add reasoning that is not there.

Nonetheless, it made me laugh out loud. I hope you did, too. Good night everyone.


C. Beth said...

Ha ha ha!! That is too funny. I love it. Until recently she was going to marry Zane. (That was only after we told her she could not marry her brother.) I guess she'll keep going until she finds someone who is interested. :)