29 March 2010

A New Sunday Ritual

In an earlier post (Sunday Night Cooking), I told you that we, the Hubby and I, are cooking together on Sunday nights.
Well, I also am doing something else on Sundays, or rather NOT doing. I dedicated this day to the family and am 'fasting' from any electronic stuff like TV and computer. So on Sundays, I am not blogging, I am not checking and answering emails, and I am not watching any TV, whatsoever. So far, it has been easy. In the morning, we go to church, then lunch and then rest time. Sometimes, we go out in the afternoon; like this weekend, we went for some super good ice cream. And then we cook together, and eat and put the kids to bed. It is a little harder NOT put on the TV once the kids are in bed, but the temptation is not the great these days, as there is only junk on there anyway! Right?

So what do I do? I usually read, do my homework for the bible study I am currently attending, and just talk to my husband. During the week with him at work and with the kids surrounding us and keeping us busy, it is hard to have a real adult conversation. So we can talk on Sunday nights. NO, this is not our only time, but it is more intimate when the TV is not making noise in the background. So in the last three weeks, I have finished three books that I had started a long time ago and seemed never to be able to finish it. I am also planning to have a monthly book report - kind of just for myself and for those that are interested in books. I love books. And I can sew!


C. Beth said...

What a great idea!!