02 March 2010

My new hobby

of course: it's blogging.
I started this blog over a year ago. Being very reserved on the fact that if I make my blog available to the whole internet world... I am not so sure about that. So I blogged occasionally. But I certainly read some other blogs. I started out with my friend's blog: . She is way ahead of me writing her blog for a long time. I still haven't read every single post. Then I started branching out or googling some. I found bad ones and I found real good ones. The real good ones got me hooked.... and now I started to blog more myself. I guess I just had to find what I want to write about. Now I have like 6 more articles waiting to be posted in the next few days, because I can't stop thinking about it....

I am totally hooked!

Now I just have to open up more and invite more readers. It just makes me feel so vulnerable... I don't know.... does anybody feel the same way?


C. Beth said...

Yay, more posts! :) You know I like having lots of readers, but I know other bloggers struggle with the same privacy concerns and emotions that you have!