21 July 2012

Big Announcement

I have a BIG girl now..... oh yes I have.

That means I only have one child in diapers now! Yippy!

Okay, so to be more specific, I will explain. I am sure you all remember my struggles with Peanut's toilet issues, here and here. It feels like it took forever to get her to use the potty. But finally, she mastered it! Number One was not that much of an issue, but Number Two still can cause some stress for her.... to this day. But that is okay - she does it in the toilet, even if it hurts.

So every night, for the past month or so, she has asked to go to bed with her underwear. And every time, especially with a newborn, the thought scared me. Even though, every morning, she gets up, is dry, and changes into underwear pretty much immediately. So she gets it!

Last night, she asked again. I thought: 'Okay, she has been dry for at least three or four weeks in a row! And tomorrow is Saturday, so if she does wet the bed, Daddy is there to help me wash it.' So I said Yes! She was allowed to wear her undies to bed. Oh the joy on her face! Priceless.

This morning, I woke up late, because we had a bad night with the baby. But when I asked her if she stayed dry all night, she said yes!

I have a completely potty trained girl now! What a celebration! I think she deserves a special treat today! (I am just not sure what that will be...)


C. Beth said...

Yay!! Tell Peanut that Miss Beth is very proud of her!!