11 May 2012

Update on the potty training

This seems to be a huge issue in our house in the last year or so. Let me summarize where I left off...... I had a girl that refused to use the potty, even though she very well knew how to use it. Also she didn't want to go number two at all (see here!). Well, we all know that it DID come out eventually, but what a fight! Frustrating and painful at the same time.

Well, pretty much after finishing the post and posting it, things changed around here. She wanted to keep wearing her undies, so she stopped peeing in them. Yes, she still has some accidents, but mostly, we are in underwear ALL day, EVERY day! Yippy!!!

For a while, she would ask for a diaper in order to go number two, and that was okay with me. I just wanted to send her the message, that the poopies need to come out, one way or another! And I think she got it......

For the past week, we had even more success! She went number two on the potty for four days in a row! I am so proud of her!!! She was so happy to see how little it hurt and how easy it was to just get it out on the potty instead of having a red butt all day long. She got her reward and was happy all day! She did sit for a little while, and I did have to encourage her to stay on the toilet, but.... eventually, she got the job done.

AND, the story is not over yet - if she does wear a diaper, she holds her pee. She really doesn't want to use it anymore! Yeah. AND she is dry most nights! I can actually finally see an end to this.....

I don't want to jump the gun yet, but maybe, just maybe I have a fully potty trained child on my hands! That would be so awesome, before I have to go right back to diapering around the clock with a newborn! Wow. And I am soooo happy!


C. Beth said...

That is awesome. For some kids it takes longer than others (ahem...you know my story) but I'm glad she got it eventually!