28 July 2012

Baby is becoming a true part of the family

I am sure you are all waiting for an update on life with this little Munchkin.

Well, I have to brag.... I just have to! She is such a GOOD baby! A pure delight and joy, and I want to cuddle with her all day long. I can not get enough of her. And when I am away from her for more than half hour, I actually miss her. I have not left her side for more than that anyways. She is with me day and night. She sleeps with me or right next to me. I love to carry her around. I love to wear her. I love to sit on the couch with her, and just sit there..... and look at her.
I think you are getting the picture.....

So she has finally getting the hang of day and night. She sleeps less during the day, is more awake and also more aware of things around her. She is more alert, too.  She definitely can recognize my face, and sometimes smiles at me. At night, she sleeps longer chunks which makes me a much happier camper/Mami. The most she has given me is six hours, and that was a night I really needed it. I am hoping that she soon sleeps through the night..... even though I might miss it at first. Eventually, I do need my own nights again. For now, I am enjoying it to the fullest.

She loves to sleep on Mami, on her tummy. The other day, I put her on the couch on her tummy and she slept so long that I woke her up eventually. Alot of times, she sleeps with her mouth wide open. She likes the swing and the bouncy seat, but she prefers ME the most.She loves to hear music, too, it calms her when she sleeps.

The kids love her and want to kiss her all the time - at times they smother her with all their affection. They are still helpful, you know with bringing me diapers or new clothes. Coqui wants to teach her how to read, Peanut wants to teach her how to potty train. Apparently, they have big plans with their little sister. I love to see that. Even though they have acted up, a few times, in general, they have accepted their little sister very well.

God was good during this time of transition because it seems like it was so easy. It was natural to bring her home the day of her birth. She fit right in, and it felt like we were complete, finally. I haven't had a bad day since..... I am just so happy. I know that it is partly because of my attitude. I am taking everything as a welcomed change, knowing that all of it is just a phase. She will stop eating at night, she will sleep through the night eventually, she will grow and become more independent. So for right now, I am enjoying my last baby! And I am welcoming every phase of it, with JOY.

My Three Rugrats
Yes, there were some not-so-fun moments, but I have a loving and understanding husband, with whom I am able to communicate very well. He has been awesome, giving LOTS of attention to the older two kids, so I can concentrate on the youngest. He understood that I was emotional at times, especially during the first three weeks. Now it feels like, we have all settled down, and this is not so new and foreign anymore. It feels almost like normal and this was always meant to be this way! I have friends that I can talk to and that are so supportive of me. This all has made this a very joyous time for all of us. I feel so blessed and happy right now.


C. Beth said...

SO awesome!! Your family of five is blessed and beautiful.... :)