21 July 2012

The day of the BIG firsts

Today seems to be the day of the big announcements and Firsts at our house. First, I wrote about Peanut's success in potty training this morning (here).

Munchkin right before the blowout....
Then I want to tell you about the major poopie blowout that my youngest had this afternoon. This IS worth mentioning, because for a while I was very concerned that this little girl would only go poop once (yes, just one time) a day! In case you don't know this, it is very unusual behavior for a newborn. So when this happened today, I was very excited..... yes, about poop!!!

She also started to pull herself up - you know, with her head when I pull on her arms. She is one strong little girl.

The next major thing that happen today, happened to my oldest. He has been anticipating this for a long time.
We are talking about teeth. Old ones and new ones.
He has been having two new teeth coming in on the bottom of his mouth. When he realized this, he thought, the tooth fairy would come immediately. We all know, this is not how it works. So we had to explain it to him. He was bummed, but nonetheless, waited for the day to find out that his 'old' teeth would start to wiggle. Which they did soon.....

.... until tonight, when the first tooth finally came out! Yes, he lost his very first tooth today.
It had been wiggly for a while, but since this early afternoon, he kept saying that it wiggles more. So Mami started to wiggle and pull, and sure enough, I felt it give way under my fingers. So I encouraged him to do some more of that. Then Daddy got his hands on him, when it started to bleed. It wasn't until teeth brushing time tonight at bedtime, that he let Daddy do the final pull!

You can imagine how thrilled he was. At bedtime, we read "Franklin and the Tooth Fairy". He then wrapped the tooth in a tissue and put it under his pillow. I am not sure how he fell asleep but he did..... I can not wait to see his face in the morning!

And here is the picture to proof it:


C. Beth said...

Woooo hooo! So glad that the kids are all making such great progress! I LOVE that picture of Coqui with his tooth...SO excited! (Glad you didn't post a picture of Munchkin's poop though...ha ha ha!)