20 September 2011

A woman's best friends are not always diamonds

I've been meaning to write a post about my new best friend for a while. This has been a long process of two people that met, that became acquainted and then friends.
She was a bit faster this morning (you can read about it here).

Though I love her words, I still want to write my own version of it. So here we go:

To have a best girlfriend is every girl's dream.
To laugh together and to cry together.
To share stories and experiences, drama and happy endings.
To get advise and input on important issues that we can't ask a man.

I wanted that for a long time.
I needed a girl to share my feelings with.
I feared rejection and abandonment most. And
I couldn't bring myself to ask because I was different, a foreigner.

We met five years ago through our husbands.
We were acquaintances that met randomly through their work. Then
We went to the same church (not because of them) and so
We became sisters of Christ, sharing the same faith.

She is so different from me, and yet, I love every bit of it.
She taught me to be polite and more considerate of people's feelings.
She corrects my bad English in such a gentle way.
She trusts me with her heart's desires and concerns.

I was lonely in a new city.
She was not sure how much she needed a close friend.
We talked one night and poured our hearts out to each other.
Since then, our friendship grew in such a way we both didn't expect it.

Dear Beth,
I thank God for you, and you for being you,
I thank you for accepting me the way I am and making me feel good about being different.
I thank you for the trust you put in me when you pour out your heart or share your dreams.
I thank you for the support that you gave me throughout the last five years.

You were there through my hardest hardships.
You were open enough to welcome me in a new state, even though you didn't know me.
You were there when I had to go through cancer and cooked dinner for my family.
You were there when I needed support while waiting for my baby to be born by another woman.

I love you.
Looking forward to a lifelong friendship with you.
Being excited to see what God will do with us individually and together as friends.
Can't wait to learn more from you and share more of me with you.
I will be there for you whenever you need me, day and night.


C. Beth said...

Well, this made me cry...in a good way. Thank you!! I will treasure this...going to print it out now. :)

I love you and our friendship!

caryn said...

Got here via C.Beth's post, your post is just as beautiful as hers! You are both lucky women.


Vixbil said...

Got here via C.Beth and now think I might have to stay...gorgeous posts from both of you and such a blessing from God that you are there for each other xx