07 September 2011

Not a writer's block...

... I just haven't written because I am so busy.

School started and even though we are a year ahead of things, I don't want to slack off in the first month. So I am trying to keep it at the same time every day, make it last between an hour or two, depending how much I feel we can cover at the particular day, him being in a bad mood sometimes.... I guess that is one of the negative things about being at home with your Mami: the bad mood shows more than it would (probably) at school.

Coqui is not that eager to go to a real school anymore - I guess he has seen the benefits of being home and done much earlier than the school kids, having more freedom to do things at his leisure. The least favorite is still Handwriting, but I have found that if he can have a say in what he writes than he is more inclined to do it right away - instead of pushing it 'til after lunch, when it's more like homework.
We have caught up on Maths - he recognizes numbers up to 100, and Adding and Subtracting is not such a struggle anymore. We are using more manipulative stuff to make it more visible - he has a photographic memory, so I should take advantage of it.
We are also doing Geography and Biology, some Art and Music. I am trying to cover a variety of things to keep him interested enough that he feels like school and learning is fun, not a duty.
If he gets frustrated or too antsy, I have him to jumping jacks and rolls forward and backward, kind of like PE. He likes that.

The major part is, that Peanut wants to sit right next to him. She is mostly just coloring, but I know that she is listening because she starts to sing (or just say) numbers and the ABC and the days of the week.... once in a while there is even a Spanish word coming out.... could it be that it will be easier with her because she kind of learns with him already??? Oh, how exciting!

So next to all that, we have been busy with some play dates, our co-op, making new homeschooling friends, and going to prayer meetings at our church.

One last thing, I am also sewing at night.... but that will be my next post!


C. Beth said...

The short school day was probably my favorite thing about my 1 year of homeschooling. :) I was in 2nd grade and generally we'd do all our work in the morning and play in the afternoon! My mom also used that year to teach us some home-ec types of things.... That's when she taught me to use the sewing machine! I probably wasn't very good at sewing in 2nd grade but it helped me get the basics down early!

SurvivorBlessing said...

I was thinking what age is too early to learn how to sew. I have a homeschooling friend that teaches her five kids to sew... so Coqui can sew his own costumes.... because I am about to start a new one for him....