03 September 2011


A while back, the Hubby got into shooting and started to really like it. In May, the youth group from our church had a silent action - to win were services provided by the youth. We had won babysitting for four hours by a lovely youth member and her mom. So far, we never got to use it because of summer vacation and such. But this Saturday, the Hubby said it would be good to have a date and go shooting. I am not very comfortable with the idea of shooting, but I never tried it, so I guess my inner curiosity won. We went shooting at a nearby shooting range... and out to lunch.

Here is my target practice - the Hubby calls me Annie Oakley now, because it doesn't look too shabby for a first time shooter... All I can say: "He's dead!"
I don't know if I ever go back - as I said the idea is still awkward to me. But for one time, it was fun... and I know now that I can protect my own house!

On top of that, the babysitting went very well - we came home to two smiling children that had a blast playing an entire morning with someone that paid undivided attention to them. I am so happy that I did not come home to tears in Peanut's eyes.... this is huge progress! Thank you, lovely babysitter.


C. Beth said...

Wow, I am pretty impressed that you went shooting!! I've gone with Jason twice but it's been years (pre-kids!) And I was a good shot too. Jason said women are often better shots than men for some reason! :)