05 February 2011

My very first sewn cloth diaper

The other night I was looking through Etsy - a place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. Why? Well, Peanut is getting bigger, so my medium sized cloth diapers are getting too small. Also, my beloved neighbor has a growing baby and she wants to have her cloth diapers back. So I need diapers for her - at least for a little while longer until I am super serious with potty training. When looking through the multiple brand names, I always get stuck with the thought, why it is so damn (excuse me!) expensive?

So I found a few and then some more, cloth diapers that people have handmade. Then I saw tutorials to buy to make your own. Now that got me thinking! There must be free stuff out there! And there is.

So I educated myself (what a word!) and went shopping. Then I went through old clothes in our house.... and found what I needed. Within a week, I had all my supplies, patterns printed and even cut, and with two snow days, I made already two diapers. Here they are: 

At first the pattern looked way too big, but then I put it on her, and voila, it fits just fine. These are just cloth diapers, so a cover is needed.
How fun a snow day can be!!! And so productive. Now I have to make some more....


C. Beth said...

SO cute! I'm very impressed!