10 February 2011

Update on Health and my new hobby(ies)

Thank you all for the kind words regarding my recent excursion in the medical world of cancer. I still feel the lump. That said, I do feel more peace. At the moment.

Isaiah 26:3 "With perfect peace you will protect those whose minds cannot be changed, because they trust you."
The Lord did not give me these two kids to take me away from them this early - that I am convinced of. I did question myself if we should even think of attempting the adventure of a third child, or should we just leave it at two. It is so hard when your heart just screams YES, but the brain is thinking "I could die, sooner or later". Then I thought, hey, we are all mortal. Yes, we are! So a perfectly healthy mother can be hit by a car tomorrow, or die during a routine operation next week. I can die of cancer within the next years or so, but I might not. I will not! So I will let my heart take over the prayers this time, and pray that we might (?) have another child by next year or so. Maybe...

Also, the doctor's office called me to make an appointment for an ultrasound in about six weeks. I made the appointment and I am so happy that I have a doctor who cares. I am taken care of very well at this oncology and that, too, gives me peace. I am blessed.

Now to the next point. I am not blogging every day, but I don't want you to think I am not busy. Here is a picture of my new creations, my new hobby:

I finished the last two this morning. After making a few of those, I have come up with a pattern that I like and the fabrics that I prefer. At first, I ran out and got all new fabrics, now I am just cutting up old receiving blankets that were just collecting dust in the dresser. The fleece inside the diaper is better for baby's skin, but it makes the diaper much thicker to work with. So far, I am planning on making around twenty of those kind of diapers - just for my own use. I want to be done with them before my trip that is coming up in about two weeks. So I have fifteen more to go. It takes me about two hours to produce one from start to finish, cutting the pattern first until the last stitch. Not too bad I think.

The other "new" hobby is the home schooling project, with that I mean getting all the legal information that I think I need to back myself up (from the government). I had gotten four (existing) books from the library that I was reading for the past three weeks. By now, I think I have a general idea how I want things to be by September. I have been much more serious with Coqui about school, doing it longer and more intense. There were some days that he complained about it taking too long, other days, like this morning, he couldn't stop from doing more, even though I was done, and so was Peanut. (She gets a little clingy when I am away from her for too long.) I am actually almost ready to order my curriculum - not sure on a few books, so I will wait and see if I can find some more books in a different library here in town.

Yeah, so I said I was busy. But also very happy. Blessed every day.


Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance - but are those washable diapers? They look soooo cozy!

SurvivorBlessing said...

Yes, they are what is called cloth diapers. I have been using my neighbors, but her baby is growing into the size that Peanut is using, so she wants hers back. I was not gonna buy a whole new set for the few more months that Peanut is using diapers, so I thought I could sew my own. Voila. Washable. Reusable. Environmental-friendly. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love it -
such a great idea!

C. Beth said...

You sound happy...more at peace with your health, and confident in your parenting. Yay. :)

Adorable diapers!!