29 January 2011

Check-up time for those new year's resolutions

Can you believe that the month of January has come and gone?

Well, so I am here to check on those resolutions that I had set up in the beginning of the year. Confession time....

Am I a better wife? I hope so. There were multiple days where I so did not feel like cooking dinner, but than made the kids run out in the afternoon to get ingredients, in order to cook a meal for the Hubby. He is working so hard to provide for his family, I think he deserves a good meal at the end of his hard day.

Am I a better Mami? I think so. I have purposely played more with Coqui, especially when Peanut sleeps. He still gets a short quiet time, but it seems not to work as much as just simply playing with him. So I do it.
Also, I have done some research on the homeschooling. I want to be all prepped when September comes, and he would actually start school. He is doing great, still enjoys it, but there are days when he doesn't so much. And I have to find a way to make it more exciting for him.We recently painted, cooked and baked together, doing some arts and crafts that he enjoys very much, and reading together. He loves his time with Mami all by himself.
And Peanut? Well, here is my announcement...... drum roll...... she is not having her screaming sessions no more!!! Yeah. And she sleeps better in general. I can not spend much alone-time with her, but sometimes I do on the weekend when Coqui is on a daddy date.

Am I a better Christian? Well, since Peanut sleeps so long in the morning, I can actually make my cup of coffee and sit down with it and read the bible. Though I am not doing it every single day, the mornings that I am doing it, I feel much better in general, filled with the word of God. Following Jesus is not just about knowing all the facts from the bible, but it definitely helps to understand why God does some things the way He does. It makes me better, or at least trying to be better, with the struggles that I have. Like cooking dinner. Or throwing a party at my house.
I am also taking a class at our church, that I hope will give me some insight on myself and what God wants me to do in the future.

So there you are. Confession curtains closed.


C. Beth said...

Wow--it's going great. :) Good for you!

Anonymous said...

You're a home-school teacher too? Wow!

SurvivorBlessing said...

yes, I am, for the past year now. Plan to keep going as long as possible! Doing lots of reading about it right now - Texas is a great state for home schooling.