14 February 2011

Kids and God

If you don't know it yet, I only became a Christian about six years ago. I did not grow up in a church, so to see my own kids soaking up all they hear and learn in Sunday school and at home, it just makes me so happy! Maybe they can avoid a few of my mistakes, mistakes I made because I did not know God. Here are a few situations when Coqui has proven that he is listening.....

This morning, we did our weekly shopping trip to the local supermarket. At the cash register, the kids can get Buddies that can be put into a machine and out come buddy points. When we were in the car, driving home, he told me all about how he asked nicely for the buddies and then got a pretty high number on points out of the machine. So I said: "now Mami just has to figure out what to do with those points".
And Coqui told me, in his simple way, that I just "have to ask God and He'll tell me". Wow. It makes me so proud. And it proves how simple it actually is. Trust in God, ask for what your heart desires, and expect to get it. (amen to that)

A few months ago, we went to our friend's house. At the last light, Coqui announced that he has to go potty. Usually that is not a problem, I just pull over because I always have the portable potty in the trunk. But it was the last light, so I told him to hold it because we are almost there. Telling me how badly he had to go, he almost cried, so I told him to pray to God to change the light into green so we would get faster to our friend's house and he can go to the bathroom there. Well, he prayed and the light changed immediately. To him, that was like magic! So when we went to the same house last week, the light was red again, and I guess he had to go to the bathroom, again. He must have prayed in his head, because when the light changed pretty quickly into green, he yelled "God heard me again" from the back of the car.

Recently, I started to add bible study to our schooling. I do it right during breakfast, so I have both kids at the table and their full attention. For some reason, I opened the book to a story about how Jesus healed a man that couldn't walk. Coqui is very interested in 'handicapped' people - maybe because we have two blind girls coming to our church. The cool thing is that he actually remembers those stories from one day to another, or even over the weekend. His brain is just such a sponge. Well, back to the main issue, when hearing all those stories he tries to apply them to his own life. Like he would exclaim how he prayed to God to heal his boo-boo and it got healed. Or how God saved him from getting crushed when he decided he needed to open every single draw of his dresser and the dresser actually tipped over. Really, Coqui had this guardian angel and it saved him from being crushed under the dresser! His foot got hurt a little, but again was not crushed because one if his name train letters was in the way, and got broken in the ordeal - but we believe that this letter, it was the 'O', saved his foot. God is good - all the time!


C. Beth said...

The faith of a child is a beautiful thing! You're doing a great job, Ann!