28 September 2010

Being Blessed: Walk To Beat The Clock

Last year, I wrote about my favorite walk: Being Blessed: Walk To Beat The Clock
This year, I planned this vacation around the walk so I could attend! And I did, this last Saturday! Up front, I want to thank everyone for supporting me, for donating to this fantastic organization, and for two ladies, especially, that came to walk with me. I was very fortunate with my diagnosis, with the support from family, friends, and my doctor, so that this horrible experience actually wasn't so horrible after all.

We got there on time, we even participated in the warm-up, we prayed, we cried, we walked and we talked. It was a beautiful day! It was perfect. Tamika Felder is the organizer and founder of Tamika & Friends, Inc., she is a cervical cancer survivor and advocate, and now my friend as well. I admire her for her outspokenness. And I am glad that I can be there with her and all the other survivors. It is amazing. And I want to learn from her. I want to be outspoken, too. I want to go around and proclaim that I am a survivor and education is the key! It's not just this particular cancer, it is any cancer. In support group, they always say to us: Be your own advocate! Fight! This was one way to fight.

This is this year's group in New York City. When I heard that this walk almost didn't take place, I was upset. So if I can, I want to make sure it will take place next year. My two ladies said that we should form a team and have more people walk for me. How cool would that be??? It's an awesome idea and I would be thrilled. What an honor!


C. Beth said...

A team would be so fun! I wonder if I could make it work to go next year?

SurvivorBlessing said...

Oh yes!!! Please come. You can bring the kids as well. It would be so fun.
I was planning on bringing the kids anyway. And The Carrier has planned on bringing her two! So that are already twelve people! Yippy!!!!