09 September 2010

Cleaning Day!

I know this is not the most interesting subject but it is part of daily life around a household with or without kids. It is not my favorite thing to do, rather a necessity that needs to be tackled. So here it is, we are cleaning today. Well, mostly deep cleaning in form of vacuuming. It is NOT done daily around here, maybe only around the dining room table. So we are upstairs today and do room by room. I mean we are talking: removing everything movable from the room and then go in and vacuum! And the best part of all: my little helper! He loves to vacuum and has done so many times before. By now, he is actually able to handle the big vacuum cleaner by himself. Here a picture:
That is his room and he had so much fun. He even cleans the corners on the side! I am so proud of him and seriously consider to "rent" him to others that need help. Any takers???


C. Beth said...

I am totally impressed that he will vacuum for you! I guess I need to see if Chickie is ready to learn that!