20 September 2009

Walk To Beat The Clock

I did it! I walked to beat the clock. In New York City. Woo hoo.

Okay, now I can explain....

As some of you know, I am now a 2-year survivor of cervical cancer. To celebrate this occasion and to spread the word to beat that clock, I signed up to walk this year's race. And I did it! It is organized by Tamika & Friends, Inc., "a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancer and its link to HPV (human papillomavirus)". It was founded in 2005 by cervical cancer survivor and advocate Tamika Felder. She got alot of support from her family and friends - hence the name!

Her message is that "every hour a woman in the US is diagnosed with cervical cancer, a preventable and treatable disease. The proceeds from these Walks go back into Tamika and Friends, Inc. to support the various programs they have in place to help those living with cervical cancer and cervical cancer survivors. The Walks have proven to be a great way to raise awareness, provide education and to give cervical cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones, as well as those who have lost loved ones to cervical cancer, a sense of community and friendship."

Being blessed with very generous friends, I made it to the top three donation list. And with that, I had to go up on stage! For those of you who know me personally, I do not like attention drawn to me, so that was very awkward. The person who gives me the present is Tamika Felder, the founder of the organization. She is now a friend of mine and I love her boldness in going out there and just spread the word any way she can! I admire her for that.

The Hubby said that we will make this an annual event, so I am looking forward to do this again next year. I mean, who needs a reason to come to the city??? I don't! But there is now a good cause involved that makes it even better.
We had a great day in the city. Walking in the morning and going out for lunch. Yes, we did leave the baby and its big brother with the grandparents for a few hours - dinner was just not going to happen this year! So maybe next year, we can make it a true full day in the city - just like our first date!!! (I haven't written about that yet, maybe I will do that in the near future!)