03 September 2010

Reconnecting with an old friend

I am sure you all know how it is, life keeps on going and on the way, we lose friends. Some were just acquaintances and others, we were pretty close with! So when all those sociables websites came along, I was able to reconnect with friends from all over the world. There were French friends (I lived in France for a year!) that I had completely lost for years! I mean years! It has been sixteen years since I left there, I came back twice for the summer. But then ten years ago, I came to America and I have not been back there. It was so great to see them with their families and follow them now on pages like Copainsd'avant - which translates to 'friends from before'.
I also found some German friends back from school on 'Stayfriends'. And I found some American friends with Facebook. I am still trying to contact a friend in England but I will get him sooner or later. Who said the internet is not a fantastic tool??? I love it because I have so many friends from all around.

So I am happily writing emails and texting and even skyping with my friends. I wanted to share this because sometimes we on;y hear those negative and scary comments about the internet - it is not all bad. Yes, I am sure I have clicked on a button that was not so good, but that is okay in my book. Having friends and communicating with them IS important to me!