21 September 2010


So for the few readers I have, here is an update on our life. If you follow this blog, you have read about several things that I have introduced to the family or I have tried. When I am reading something like that, down the line, I am always wondering if the people stick to the new habit or fall back to old habits. So I examined our routines and found this:

- we are still having TV-free Sunday. At least me and the kids. I am not watching any TV that day, nor sit in front of the computer. Emails and Facebook just will have to wait until Monday. It is also fun to see ALL the many emails and comments that have come in over the one day!!! It's almost like a birthday every Monday!?!

- I am NOT trying to potty-train my little peanut anymore! She just doesn't want to sit still on the potty, not the portable one, nor the "big" one! I am still cloth diapering most of the time. Mostly, on the weekends, when the Hubby is watching the kids or we are out for hours.

- we are still homeschooling - more or less. We took a break for the summer and only did it sometimes, especially when Coqui asked for it. Now we have to get into a better schedule, but we are definitely still learning every day new things, just in a less school room way, more like a learning-by-doing and learning-along-the-way. We started to have a "word-of-the-day" on the fridge. He wants to learn how to spell so badly. Then we use maps to show all the traveling we have been doing and will do within the next four weeks. So it is less regular but nonetheless effective.

- being green is still a huge issue on our house. We recycle and reuse old things. We just got some wood from our neighbor that we will use to make a floor for the kids house in the backyard.

- I had put away the sewing machine when we had visitors and haven't gotten it out since. I need to find a new project for that. But I am wearing my apron in the kitchen. And the kids and the Hubby are using their pillows. I guess I never posted pictures, did I? That will come tomorrow then!

- I have found a new hobby! I am baking! I will write about that within the next days. But it is exciting.