19 May 2012

Baby shower Celebration

Today, Beth and I were the honor guests of a special celebration, a 'little shower of love'.

It was a shower for her ...and for me ...and for the baby. The ladies keep saying how blessed they are to watch us go through this 'joyous journey' together. So they planned for months to make this event a celebration of this shared adventure. An adventure that has not only blessed Beth and me, and our families, but also the many witnesses around us. Those two ladies did a fantastic job.

The house, where the shower took place, was beautifully decorated, with many little touches - banners and balloons in our favorite colors (green and purple), flowers, and food, even Vegan food. It was a beautiful atmosphere of love and support and joy.

Many of our friends came. Friends that have supported us through tough days, and the joyous days. That had encouraging words for us, cried with us, and laughed with us. Friends that continuously prayed for us. Friends that prayed for us today. I am in awe of the words that people pray over us, over Beth and me, and over the baby. It truly blesses me. And the baby.
We wore our shirts again, the ones from the Relay for Life that Beth's friend designed for us. If you don't want to go read that post, the shirts say: "My Bun. Her Oven." and "Her Bun. My Oven."

This shower was never about the gifts, though we both appreciate them so much - I know I was abundantly blessed by the cards and gifts that I received. The baby will not lack of anything due to my friends. Thank you all so much. The shower was about the celebration of new life, hope, and joy, it was about a journey together that reflected God's love, and about the testimony of turning things around for good. I know I have a big testimony and I will share it in the future.

Also I loved to see the showers of gifts that Beth received. I am happy that we both have friends that are willing to go out of their way to pour love over us, generously. It was a fabulous morning.

I love the joy we have found in this pregnancy. I love that we are celebrating this wonderful miracle of God. I love to see the 'effect' it has on others. And I am totally excited to meet this little one in a few weeks.

As a party favor, we all got bookmarks - because you know, Beth and I are vivid readers. So here are our two book marks, as a ribbon - because this is where the journey started.
And it ended in a heart.
I received God's love, and through Him, I got my family's love, Beth's love, and my friends' love. I LOVE to be on this journey.


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Tracy said:
Sounds like an amazing time. So glad you both were showered with love today. God is so good!