23 May 2012

Colorful Supermarket

As one of our field trips, we went to a local supermarket, that kind of specializes in fancy and organic food, almost like a delicatessen market. They say it's the 'freshest and finest' in town, and they take pride in preparing and cooking most of their stuff on location. Which means, their bakery runs 24/7 - something I didn't know. They run a restaurant as well, with foods that is cooked right there. The fish is being flown in, and so really fresh, and expensive accordingly.

The kids were split into two groups, so navigating through a supermarket would be easier. Our guide was very nice, used a very child-friendly language, and made the tour very interactive. So I think, the kids enjoyed and learned at the same time. 
We went through all the departments, got to taste quite a number of different foods, like apples and oranges, cheese, bread, and so on. It was even interesting for the adults.
There is not much more to say, so I am going to let my picture speak for themselves.


Apparently, they have close to a thousand cheeses in the store - wow!

A local artist sculpted this out of a real cheese.



C. Beth said...

I would seriously enjoy that tour!