04 June 2012

National Cancer Survivor Day

In late 2008, I wrote down my cancer story..... I would not write it like that today, but back then, I did and you can read it again here.

Apparently, yesterday, June 3rd, was the 25th National Cancer Survivor Day. I had never heard of it but nonetheless, I feel like it's a day to celebrate. So many things that come with this disease.

Survival. Life. Hope. Victory. Strength. Perseverance. Love. Support. Faith. Family. Honesty. Advocacy. Fighting. Determination. Purpose. Confidence. Forgiveness. Prayer. Adaptability. Resilience. Compassion. Knowledge.

So to anyone who is out there and who survived - happy Survivor Day to you.

I am celebrating 4 years, 7 months, and 5 days (more or less). Doesn't sound like much? I can tell you, walking it every day, it has been a journey that felt at times like years. Much has happened since that fateful day of my diagnosis. MANY good things. Healing, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I can truly say that I walked through some major personal growth. And I like what I see in the mirror today. And at last the two beautiful children that I didn't think I could have after the cancer-resulting infertility. That is alot for five years!

This cancer did not get the best of me, but it gave me the best things in life, things that I truly appreciate! It gave me a husband that walked with me every step of the way, right by my side. It gave me hope and encouragement. It gave me a best friend. It gave me a family of five. And it gave me the comfort of never having to be alone ever! Besides my family and friends, I've got many sisters-in-crime..... that know and understand where I have been, and that I CAN support today, feeling their pain because I was there once and I am a witness that God can turn it all around.


C. Beth said...

What a GREAT perspective. Happy Survivor Day (every day!!)

jolav.blog said...

Here's to Four years, Seven months and Five days - and many more.