15 January 2012

Ten Things About Me

My friend Tiffany started these themed 10 random facts about me, and I think it's a fun idea that doesn't involve writing an entire novel. Lately, I have written a few posts that were kind of lengthy, so this will be short and (I hope) still entertaining. Happy Reading.

1) I am learning that writing can heal. It helps me sorting my thoughts and feelings, it brings order to the things that are important and that bless my life. I learn to be more open, hence more vulnerable, but with that, I also find that people can relate better and bless me with a hug or a kind word. It's pretty liberating. SO thank you for being my audience and please keep reading. (and commenting)

2) I don't own a single jeans, no pants, no jacket, nothing made out of jeans. It might come as a shock to you, but I didn't grow up with them (or at least, they were not the real deal), and I don't like the material. I haven't worn one in over a decade, if not even longer than that.

3) I love to watch Hallmark movies. I know. I am totally outing myself right now, but it's the truth. Other kind of movies have become so violent in words and action, it's really not fun to watch it. The other night, we were watching a movie, and a thought hit me: what if one of the kids are coming down the stairs? (You know, the-woke-up-and-couldn't-fall-asleep-again-kind-of-thing.) I wouldn't want them to hear those kind of words, not to talk about the pictures shown! So sorry - I want nice words and a happy-end. Otherwise, I rather leave the TV off.

4) I have a photographic memory. It helped me in school to memorize definitions, and entire pages. For example, it helped me with my French baccalaureate - I memorized 13 texts of French writers from the 19th century - so round about 30 pages, by heart. I recited it on the day of the exam, and got my straight 'A'. So it's a good thing. But there is also a negative side to it - I had to stop watching CSI because I was keeping those images in my mind, and that was not good for my sleep.

5) I really don't like any Thanksgiving food, at all. Don't eat the turkey or ham or chicken. I never liked gravy, even when I still ate the meat. I don't like this cranberry sauce - it's just really gross. Never had stuffing in my life and I don't think I am going to start now. I don't like sweet potatoes in general, no matter in which and what way you are trying to present it to me. I don't like any kind of squash or yam. The only things that I would eat from a traditional meal would be the corn on the cob and the green beans. I am not a pie person, never knew what a pie was until I got to this country.

6) I don't like messes - not a surprise after this post. But what might surprise you is the fact that I just don't want to clean it up! Call me lazy, but I am a clean freak just so I wouldn't have to do the work of eliminating the mess. So it's kind of a hobby to find ways to reduce the damage before it happens. There are some things that I don't mind doing, like laundry, but there are other things that I really don't like at all, like dusting.

7) I am a total java addict. I love the smell of coffee - my dream is to wake up every morning to this intoxicating aroma, but unfortunately I have to make my own before I can sit down and enjoy it. I love it as ice cream flavor or in any candy. Sadly, due to health reasons, I have to limit my brew intake to one (big) cup a day, that I am determined to enjoy to the fullest before the craziness of the day takes over. 

8) My favorite season of the year is spring. Winter is too cold and gray. Summer in Texas is too hot. Fall is pretty, but not my thing. I love Spring. I love to see the green in general - it's my favorite color. But after a cold winter, I just love to see the green spring all over the place. I love when the days are getting longer, and I love the hope and excitement that seems to come with spring. It's beautiful.

9) I am a good speller. I discovered this when I was living in France and was correcting the native-French in their spelling. Sometimes I didn't even know what the word meant, I just knew it was spelled wrong - and to 95%,  I was right..... hahaha. Now with the English, it's the same. I believe it goes together with that photographic memory.

10) It comes natural to me to learn other languages. Just throw me in a crowd of people that all speak the same language and I will pick it up like a baby.... So in the past, I have learned Russian (which was less of a choice rather than mandatory at school), I have learned English and French and Latin and Italian and Spanish. I have tried myself in Slovakian and Lithuanian - but to no avail. Today, I am fluent in German, English and French. And I could survive in Spain. But there is one language on my 'bucket list' (or rather Lifelist) that I would love to learn, though I don't think this is the right time now: Hebrew. I find it intriguing and drawn to it. One day, I will learn it (along with some other languages).


jolav.blog said...

Oh, this is entertaining!
Thanks for sharing the Thanksgiving food sentiments! - my attitude towards it is pretty much same (with exception being, that I like yams and sweet potatoes...); but the rest of the Holiday menu is just not my thing. Plus - it is pretty much identical to the X-mas menu, which in the US comes too soon after.

One thing you could add about yourself easily, is that you're a good troubleshooter; or resolver. You've always had ability and composure to find a solution.

Oh - and you look great... in red hair.

C. Beth said...

Those are great! I even learned some new things about you....