22 January 2012

A great invention

My photo on Saturday comes with a story today.

Yesterday, we went out for dinner. A simple dinner at an Asian place was just what everyone wanted. We walked in, got a table, got the menus handed over, and the kids got theirs. If you have kids, you know, that most child-friendly places have coloring pages (with the kids menu on the back). If there is a coloring page, you need crayons. ALL the restaurants we have ever been in have crayons that are - this might come as a surprise but it's a fact - round. Yes, round as an can be. And if you ever sat with your (very active) children, you know that those round crayons can fall off the table. Yes? Are you with me?

Well, this was a surprise, because I was handed this:
Yep, these are crayons that are not round, they are triangular. They can NOT fall off the table, as the design on one side advertises:

Well, they felt nice in my hands when I drew pictures with Peanut. Coqui liked drawing with them when he played Connect with Daddy:
And here is a picture of Peanut. Her attention span is much smaller, so she still gets bored easily.
It is amazing that such a simple invention can make a Mami so happy. It was a nice family outing after a hard week of work and just 'stuff' happening. I am thankful for those times.


C. Beth said...

That is a GREAT idea. I get so tired of my kids slipping under the table to pick up crayons they've dropped!