06 May 2011

Daily Devotional

Jesus answered them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."
Luke 5:31-32 (NIV)

This is the email I got this morning. How profound! I love it. I get one every day, so I can start my day with prayers if I didn't get to pick up my bible in the morning. It's a great tool.

Someone told me once that it is usually the sick and poor who believe in God. Now is that true? I am not so sure. When I became a Christian, I was not sick nor poor. I was not rich back then and certainly not now (with two children!). But I am sick. Or was. And I always felt that being sick, I became closer to God. When you got to deal with cancer, there is always (!) the 'why'-question. Why me? Why now?
So is it maybe true? That because we need God, it is easier to believe in Him?

Well, I thought about it all morning, and my conclusion is that it is wrong! I believed in God before and I believe in Him now! I am not constantly praying for my health and wealth. I am praying for my family, the hubby and my kids, the extended family, my friends, and my church. And I am praying for miracles....

What is a miracle in God's eyes?
God's miracles are supernatural acts that happen in the natural world. At the same time, all miracles are not of God. There are people that are not of God that can perform signs and wonders. Miracles are evidence of the supernatural and that there is a God. The supernatural (the not seen) of this world is evident by miracles and unexplained phenomenon. Many of God's miracles can be explained away, but much of it cannot. The four Gospels of the Bible provide eyewitness testimony to the Miracles of Jesus. Additionally, Christians have a supernatural power to perform miracles that comes from receiving the Holy Ghost.  -  according to this website.

So I am praying for such things as my own parents to at least accept the fact that I am a Christian. I am praying for finding a place in this world and being accepted by friends and family. Praying to have a third child and that seems to need a few small miracles in order to happen. I am praying that we always have a little money to travel as I have big dreams of wanting to see many places in this world. I am dreaming of  so many things that it will need a lot of miracles.....

Did you know that God is a dream maker? Here is the message our pastor gave us a few weeks ago:

I believe in God because He is a merciful God, a provider and a protector, a God that is just and righteous.  I believe in God because with Him and through Him, I can do anything. With Him on my side, I can dream of things that I never thought of dreaming. I am happier. I love my God.

I am blessed.

God bless you!


C. Beth said...

Beautiful post!!!