27 April 2011

Family Time and Easter

My parents were in town for two weeks. And they left today - actually they are in the air right now, to another American airport where they switch into an aircraft that will carry them across the ocean..... it will be a long day for them. So I am praying for safe travels.

For us, it means an empty house! For a few days, until the other grandma comes to town.

So I am back to the blogging world and I have a few posts in mind.

How was our Easter? Well, not as religious as we are used to. Having my parents around is not always easy, especially because they are not Christians, and hate the fact that I am one. But I don't want to get too much into that in this post, because I think, no matter what, they actually did pretty good this time. Not too much fighting and the kids were great with them. I still got a ton of (unwanted) advise of how to live my life, but I can shut my ears and brain off while they are being brought up....

We did our family Easter hunt on Saturday. Yes, only Easter hunt, because most of the stuff were gifts not just eggs. We hid our stuff in the backyard, and my parents hid their stuff inside the house. Coqui had a great time hunting and Peanut was just Miss Observer. I don't do Easter baskets because, personally, I think it's boring. When I was a kid, we had to 'hunt' for all our stuff in my grandpa's garden. It was fun and I have some fond memories of it (as well as some goofy pictures that I won't show here!).  We went out to eat for lunch and made a special dinner at night. On Sunday, we went to church and after church, they had an Easter egg hunt for the kids there. Those eggs contained candy, and Coqui did get quite a lot of those. The Hubby took off from work on Monday and Tuesday, so he could spend some time with us all. We didn't do anything special but hanging around the house due to the kids being sick.... but it was relaxing, and he needed it.

So we had fun and created some memories for the kids - I believe that is the most important. Hope you all had a great Easter as well. I will post some pictures soon....


C. Beth said...

Love the idea of hunting for all the gifts!