19 May 2011

Field Trip to the Zoo

Today, we skip school, or at least the sit-down-and-write part and we went to the local zoo with our friends. This was our first time, after living in Texas for over four years. It just never seemed to be the right time, and I was kind of reluctant to go because it is "just" a rescue zoo, so you won't find every unusual animal that you can find in bigger zoos.

But after being there, I have to say that it was just enough for the kids and their age group. We walked around for about two hours and then had the picnic that we had brought. And last but not least, we went on the zoo train! A big hit with my train-o-maniac.

Here are some pictures from our fun field trip to the zoo:
I love seeing Coqui be so animal-friendly. He is so not afraid!
After seeing the lion eat, we decided it was time for us as well.
And you are wondering where Peanut is in these pictures? Well, she doesn't seem to like animals at all, she is rather scared of them. So she sat quite contently in the stroller the entire time, and only came out for lunch.
This is inside the train. We went there after lunch at noon, but the train was already full. It runs only every hour. But when we got there and it was full, the lady said she'll run it again for us when she comes back. So we only had to wait for 15 minutes. Very nice. And much appreciated.
Here is a little quiz at the end - can you guess what picture pattern goes with which animal?


C. Beth said...

You are fast! :) Love the pic of Coqui feeding the goat. We had a great time with you and I also was wondering why it had taken me so long to get back there--last time I was there I think Chickie was very young!

Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for really small kids to be scared of animals - they move so differently! Are there cats/ dogs in your neighbourhood she could interact with?

SurvivorBlessing said...

well, most of our friends or family have animals at home, but she is just scared to death.
I am not surprised, most animals scare me too - and I have to make a big effort to like them...