11 April 2011

"Those Who Save Us"

This is another World War II book - I am not sure why I ended up reading three of those in a row.... really, not sure!  But it is a great book. "Those who save us" by Jenna Blum, an historic novel, 'powerful first novel told in two narratives', alternating between the present-day story of Trudy, daughter of the second lady, Anna, and the past during WWII, when her mother, Anna, lives in Germany. It's a gripping story of German life surrounded by the Nazi, the resistance by some of those Germans, and the fate of the Jews. The author does a great job in depicting the awful hurt of those who suffered some kind of trauma, back in those days.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

When I am on Amazon, I always have to check out the bad reviews, you know, those who only gave one point - when five points is the highest. I want to know why they thought it was a bad read - when I thought it was a good or great book. So I have to say to those nine people that didn't like the book: I hope you are old enough to judge like that!!! Because if you are American, and you have not lived through a war, then just shut up! Yes - keep it to yourself. No, I did not experience a war in my lifetime in my country, either, but my grandmother did and she told me enough. I lived in Germany, a country that was broken by the war. Shaken to the ground by what happened to it. And even 50 years later, I experienced hate first hand! So don't tell me, that the story is not believable because it couldn't have been that bad.... Are you kidding me? Really? Why don't you ask someone who has been in a war, and see what they tell you! America hasn't fought a war on their territory since the civil war, so all (!) of the civilian have NO idea what it is like.

So I think that the book is telling how it was and how it could have been for that woman, or any other woman. When you read other books from WWII, they tell you a similar story, or worse. And from what my own family told me, it really was like that. Starvation, hunger, fear, and the trauma of having seen something you shouldn't have, all make you do irrational things in order to survive.

I loved this book and highly recommend it.

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I linked up with a new website I found, and I really want to get in the habit of following with them. It's called "What's on your Nightstand" (the link is here) and I entered this book for the month of April here.


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