12 April 2011

Before I had kids, my kids were perfect

I went blog-surfing the other day, meaning going from one to the next and so on.... just reading. And I had found a post that was titled something similar to mine, and I thought to myself that is so very true. I mean we all had those perfect children before the actual kids came around....
  • they always listened to Mami and Daddy
  • they ate all their vegetables and fruits
  • they slept through the night
  • they cleaned up their toys, dishes and clothes, always
  • they never talked back or disobeyed
  • they never got frustrated (with me)
  • they never argued with each other or the parents
  • they never used a binky (pacifier)
  • they would be out of their diapers before hitting two years of age
  • they never got dirty, or ate like pigs, wouldn't play in the mud, or eat sand
I am sure you get the idea! They were just perfect!

Just like your kids, too!

But how does life really looks like now? Well, compared to those thoughts from before, it's more like a disaster! Really. They did not sleep through the night the moment they were born. Coqui did it on his own after four and a half months of interrupted sleep. Peanut was a little better, it took her only six weeks to figure out that Mami needs some sleep too. Since then, I do wake up, either because Coqui comes in the bed and wants to sleep with us, or something else happened. Thank God, Peanut has stopped doing her two-hour screaming sessions!
They do eat fruits and vegetables, they do. There were times when they ate all of it, then it changed and it's only a few. Coqui had come to a point where he didn't want to eat any, but now I get him to try it again and again, and he adds maybe a vegetable per month. Peanut is always been great around both, veggies and fruits, so no complaint there.
They do argue, they do fight, they disobey, and they are strong-willed. But it does feel like I am having it under control. There are some disciplinary measures that we take as parents, and so far they work.
My kids are great cleaner-upers! Meaning, Coqui is really good, and Peanut is catching up with him. Actually, I am somewhat proud of how well they are doing it!
They love to play with dirt, Peanut more than Coqui, and they love to make noises while eating. It is just something that I will have to live with for the next few years. They are little human beings that are trying to figure out the world, so I let them (mostly).
I don't even want to talk about the binky, but oh well, they exist and it happens.... Coqui's was taken away at five months, the best way to do it: cold-turkey! He cried for ten minutes and never asked for it again. Peanut on the other hand loves hers and I am not sure when I will take it from her.... but she is only allowed to have those things in her bed, so for nap and bed time.

Parenting is just something you have to figure out on the job! One can plan as much as one want, it will NOT happen the exact way. They are little creatures with their own little mind and character, and I am not a dictator but a mom who simply wants the best for her kiddos!

What about your kids (if you have any)? Are they angles, too?