01 April 2011

Major Milestone

I ran a 10K this morning! Yeah....

Could it be? It is a major distance for me as I have never done so before. How awesome!

Or not! Because I did not even get to run at all.

Got you! Fooled you!

Do you want to know why? Well, there is a major milestone, but I guess it's nothing to be real happy about. Peanut came down with a fever last night and we actually had a terrible night with her. She had runny noses before, but never such a high fever - so that's our first! And I think for a 19-months old that is not too bad.... I mean to live for nineteen months and never have a high fever.

She did not sleep well at all, kept waking up at all hours of the night. Sometimes we had to go in there and comfort her, sometimes she fell back asleep without assistance. But nonetheless, there was absolutely NO way for me to go running this morning. I was just too tired.

So the 10K will be for another time....

Happy April Fool's Day.

PS: She is doing much better this morning, less hot and is playing with big brother.. That is always a good sign. I hope she will take a good nap and we will be over with this soon....

I wrote this post this morning at around 8:30 am - Peanut just fell asleep at the lunch table - that was another first for us today! She is in her bed now, taking a much needed nap (11:40 am).

Another After-Note:
It was a tough day yesterday. After her nap, which was interrupted once for half an hour, she was less hot but soooooo whinny! It is was awful afternoon, followed by a very early bedtime. She slept for over twelve hours and guess what - this morning, no signs of what happened yesterday. No fever, all the appetite is back - no idea what that was!


TiffanyAnn said...

Glad she's doing better :o)

C. Beth said...

I'm so glad she's all better! The real 10K will come soon enough. :-D