01 April 2011

A good find

Yesterday, I saw a post on one of my groups, a German group to be exact... Someone was giving away books for free due to a return to the old country.... Of course, I wrote back that I was very interested. So she wrote back the sooner I could get there the better for her because she really wanted them out of the house....

Oh, did I mention that these were GERMAN books? Yes, something that I can not pick up at any bookstore over here, so that's why I was so excited!

So off we went in the afternoon, to retreat those books that were no longer wanted! How??? I love books, and if a move, to wherever, was ever in the talking, the books would be the first thing I'd  pack!!! If you remember me talking about my life list, you will remember that one of my 'goals' (or dreams) is to have my very own library in one of our future homes. Oh yeah! A room full of books, where I can 'hide' for hours and read. That sounds like heaven to me!

Okay, so back to the issue of rescuing those books that were calling my name. Arriving at her house, there were about one hundred books that she wanted to give away, for free. Yes, you read right, for free. I even asked her if I could give her something, because I kind of felt guilty to just take them. But she insisted on getting rid of them, preferably all of them at once. So I started scanning through them and choosing a few, say maybe fifteen. She asked if that was all..... I said I'd take more, but there might be other people interested. "No", she said, "first come, first serve, so take more." Okay, I went back up and chose another ten. To make it a short story, after going back to choose more books - and I was very hesitant on taking all of them - I came back home with 36 books!!!

Yeah, they have a new home now, in my house, and soon in a new bookshelf (that I am waiting for for the past two years). So I am working on my life list and at the same time, do what I love to do most, reading! Can't wait to get through them all - even though it might take me two years to go through them all, knowing I still have about twenty other books to read.... oh, I could read all day long, if I had no kids and if they could just raise themselves.... (okay, just kidding!) It tdoesn't look like much in the picture, I guess, but it's four bags of books.... and I told the lady if she can't find someone else to take the rest of the remaining books at her house, I will come back and take the rest....

So I got blessed with books yesterday! German books to be exact.


C. Beth said...

WOW, I know how much you love to get German books. What a huge blessing!!