03 January 2011

An update on the family

Here are a few things that I can think of right now that my kids do or say. It's almost more a reminder for myself than for you..... so you can skip this one if you are not into kids stuff.

Coqui is my pleaser and he tries sometimes so hard to make me happy and does what he is told to do in order to get what he wants. The whole Santa-thing really worked with him - I am just not sure I want to keep it up for next year. I just love him. 
His new phrase among others is in to get our attention: "Listen up to me." It sounds so cute.
He is so curious and wants to do school, runs to his Sunday class, and when he comes back telling me what he learned, it warms my heart.
He is my joy and pride.

Peanut loves to sing and dance, rocks to music whenever she hears a tune.
She learns alot more words, like 'cuck' for clock, or 'anake' for pancake. She makes herself understood in any way she can with pointing and screaming. But kind of in a cute way.
And in case you are interested in our family history, the most important person to her is 'Coqui'. She wakes up and asks for him right away. Her last words when she goes to bed are 'Coqui?' She just can not live without him. I am 'Mami' and we have 'Daddy' of course. Grandma aka Mema is 'Mama' and she says it so nicely: 'Buelo'.
She copies her brother in everything he does, and when we say "Monkey see, and monkey do." she smiles and says 'ooh ah ah' like the monkey sound. I think it's hilarious.

Me aka Mami got behind with running. When one has guests, one feels we have to entertain, especially around the holidays. So I did not get to run as much as I wanted to. Also my back gave out one day and it takes me about two to three days to get pain-free. So I guess there is a new year resolution!

The hubby has been working way too much, but what else is new. He is working hard for us as a family, and as a family we are very proud of him. I just hope that we get to go on vacation this year.... we would all need it!