18 January 2011


Coqui is sick.

Seeing him 'out of order' like that is just so sad. At least to me.

I have very active children, wild at times even. But I have to admit that I love it. To me that means they are happy. It means they are full of energy, so full that it just needs to bubble out all the time. (I always thought lethargic children are way to sad for me.) Kids are suppose to run around in circles, laugh to the fullest and ask a million questions because they are kids.That's how they learn...

So that all brought me to the homeschooling idea.
I am reading up a few books on the subject, and it just fits right with my ideas. So that encourages me to pursue it even more. One of things that came up in one book was children's energy and how to encourage it! Encourage you say? Wow. Because every school settings tries to calm that energy down in stead of raising it! Wow again. Think about it for a minute. In school, you need to sit still for long periods of time. At home, as the parent that really cares about the progress of our own children, we want to encourage them. Because the early years of childhood and learning are really just "information-gathering". And how children do that? Motion! It's all about motion. Using all our five senses. It's about touching, yes the constant and annoying touching of everything that comes their way. It's about seeing. So they can copy us, just like Peanut copies her big brother in pretty much everything he does. Hearing. The words coming out of our mouth, in order to learn our language or another one. Feeling. Feeling the love we give them - okay, okay, of course feeling different textures. Smelling. And tasting. You know what I mean.
We want our children to be curious, to be creative, to be imaginative, to be enthusiastic, to be adventurous in discovering and trying new things. The point being: to be energetic. So why trying to undermine that?

So I am very much looking forward to my child getting better.

And I am looking forward to this homeschooling journey - 'cos a journey it will be! But I am dedicated to pursue it.


C. Beth said...

What an interesting perspective--I like it.