30 March 2012

More soccer adventures

Lately, it seems like I have been on that soccer field every day. Coqui's practice is twice a week, and then a game every weekend. It's alot. Or at least it feels this way because we never did any of those activities, and all of a sudden, we went from nothing to three times a week. Thankfully, Coqui really loves it, so I don't have to 'drag' him on that field.

Practice time.

So here are a lot of pictures that I am shooting, while Coqui is playing. Peanut is usually glued to my lap... I am not sure why.

First, our St. Patrick's game.
Coqui couldn't wear green, because his uniform is red. And for the life of it, I was unable to convince Peanut NOT to wear pink, not even for that one day only.... She insisted on her pink shirt. So I changed the color of the entire picture.... hahaha
At the end of each game, the players of the opposite teams have to shake hands, or rather give each other high five. It's totally cute, and some kids really 'slap' your hands! Beware.
The week after that, we had a referee that was almost the same age:
It was picture day, so the girls are 'extra' pretty.
Peanut had fun goofing around on the sidelines. She is slowly making friends with the other player's younger siblings - which it seems they are all the same age. But I think because they are only two, they are not that interested to play with each other; they are more curious about what their own siblings do.

So while this is a nice season, I am looking forward to have my weekends back!


C. Beth said...

I like the green pic! :) The 3-times-a-week thing has been what has made me want to stay away from soccer. But Coqui enjoys it so much; it sounds like it's worth the time investment! Plus he's good at it!